Great Lavra

Great Lavra

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  • Great Lavra (Athos) — Coordinates: 40°10′16″N 24°22′58″E / 40.17111°N 24.38278°E / 40.17111; 24.38278 …   Wikipedia

  • Great Lavra Belltower — The Great Lavra Belltower or the Great Belfry ( uk. Велика Лаврська дзвіниця, ru. Большая Лаврская колокольня) is the main belltower of the ancient cave monastery of Kiev Pechersk Lavra in Kiev ( Kyiv ), the capital of Ukraine. It is one of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Lavra — In Orthodox Christianity and certain other Eastern Christian communities Lavra or Laura ( el. Λαύρα; Cyrillic: Лавра) originally meant a cluster of cells or caves for hermits, with a church and sometimes a refectory at the center. The term… …   Wikipedia

  • Lavra —    Monastery that allowed monks to practice semi independent asceticism (q.v.). Monks lived in individual dwellings (cells [q.v.]), leading solitary lives of work and prayer. However, they remained under the supervision of an archimandrite (q.v.) …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Lavra, Great —    Earliest, largest, and finest of the monasteries on Mount Athos (q.v.), founded in 963 as a koinobion byAthanasios of Athos (qq.v.). His friend and admirer Nikephoros II Phokas (q.v.) provided funds for its construction as an imperial… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Lavra — Monastère de la Grande Laure de l Athos Un batiment du monastère …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra — Infobox World Heritage Site WHS = Kiev: Saint Sophia Cathedral and Related Monastic Buildings, Kiev Pechersk Lavra State Party = UKR Type = Cultural Criteria = i, ii, iii, iv ID = 527 Region = Europe and North America Year = 1990 Session = 14th… …   Wikipedia

  • Gate Church of the Trinity (Pechersk Lavra) — The Gate Church of the Trinity sits atop the Holy Gates, an entrance to the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. The Gate Church of the Trinity (Ukrainian: Троїцька Надбрамна церква, Troits’ka Nadbramna tserkva; Russian: Троицкая Надвратная церковь, Troitskaya… …   Wikipedia

  • Pochayiv Lavra — of the Assumption of the Theotokos ( ua. Почаївська Свято Успенська Лавра; ru. Свято Успенская Почаевская Лавра) has for centuries been the foremost spiritual and ideological centre of various Orthodox denominations in Western Ukraine. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Sviatohirsk Lavra — An aerial view of the Sviatohirsk Lavra. The Sv …   Wikipedia

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